Put yourself in the right rooms with the right people.

Connect & Cultivate is a collaborative for female entrepreneurs that thrive off of collaboration over competition. We host events on a regular basis to get you connected to other women that are focused on growth, content, education, connection 

We are a come one, come all kind of vibe and hope we will see you at one of our upcoming events!

Community, connection & education

Content made easy! Join us for everyone's favorite monthly content shoot! Meet new friends, create trending reels, and get fresh pics! Professional photography, professional videos all set you Just SHOW UP.. Connect & Create...

Monthly Pop Up Content Shoots

Bi Monthly Workshops

Workshops that move the needle in your business with topics including branding, investing, mindset, email marketing, click funnels, client experience and more

Whats included in your membership:

Quarterly Happy Hours 

At Connect & Cultivate, we live by the mantra, "You can sit with us," and firmly believe that while you may be in business for yourself, you don't have to navigate it alone. Our happy hours strengthen connections, champion local businesses, and make sure you find yourself in the right room with the right people.

Who is Connect & Cultivate for?

  • Ideal for dynamic women entrepreneurs across countless industries such as real estate and beauty to insurance and finance.
  • Creatives seeking a hassle-free solution for creating compelling content while building meaningful connections.
  • Ambitious ladies committed to effortlessly crafting their business image and expanding their network.
  • Visionaries hungry for knowledge in branding, investing, mindset, email marketing, click funnels, and client experience.
  • Those determined to continually refine their skills, elevate their business, and thrive within a supportive community.
  • Ladies looking for a space where you can thrive and make genuine connections without overwhelming pressure.
  • Introverted entrepreneurs looking to feel supported and encouraged to step out of their comfort zones making content creation an simple process. 
  • Perfect for women entrepreneurs who recognize the power of proximity over complexity. 
  • Those ready to effortlessly conquer content creation

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Enjoy all the perks of a monthly membership, plus the exclusive opportunity to showcase your business at our Connect & Cultivate events, workshops, happy hours, and more.

Open to ALL entrepreneurs! Secure your C&C monthly membership for as little as $150 
  • Monthly content popup shops
  • Bi monthly pop up workshops
  • Quarterly Happy Hours
  • Email Marketing Meetups
  • Discounts to retreats & conferences

*Real Estate Industry Professionals membership also includes new home build tours

Monthly Membership

2 ways to secure your
NORTHERN NEVADA membership: 


Joining Connect & Cultivate helps me do the things I know I need to do for my business but struggle with. The locations are beautiful. I get to show up get my photos taken FAST, pick out a script or two and then have some fun pushing out of my comfort zone to make content. Plus I make it a goal to make one new connection a month that benefits my business... 

"I am an introvert who hates making content!"


If the ONLY thing I got from my C&C membership was my content, it would be WORTH IT!!! I get professional photography, a scripted reel, and all the vibey b-roll every month. Just show up, have fun shooting content, meet new business besties, and then download the goods when they come in. Effortless and game-changing!

"NO BRAINER" This is a content game changer!"


Connect + Cultivate is the Ultimate Connection of people who just want to see us all succeed. This community is all you will ever need to feel connection, support, and encouragement in your business!

"This is the ultimate community of like-minded, driven, and encouraging people to have in your circle!! 


Yes, It's TOTALLY worth it!